Build something important.

At Buster we are trying to swim upstream against the legacy ERP systems in the world. We are building something 100% focused on small businesses. We provide affordable>, high quality cloud software to small businesses that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. Come help us out!

Who are we?

Buster is headquartered in St. Louis, MO with a small number of team members working remotely throughout the US. We are happy to let people work from where they are most comfortable.

The people working on Buster are dedicated to helping small businesses through technology. We are also focused on doing it in a sustainable way. No mandatory overtime, sleeping at your desk, working on weekends, answering your phone on vacation, or anything that takes time away from your personal life.

The company and product are built by a group of extremely smart people who have long term vision and patience. We've been helping small businesses for a few years and plan on doing many more great things.

Who are you?

Employees at Buster are self sustaining. This does not mean that we don't help each other out from time to time, but generally everyone's time is considered be to sacred.

We value human beings who act like human beings. This means that yes maybe you are a designer or engineer at work but maybe you also like to bowl, play golf, dance, swim, foster animals, grow your own food, work wood, etc. If you are an accepting, supportive, thoughtful person then you should fit in.

We are also looking for people who maybe don't look or sound exactly like us.


If you have a questions that we didn't answer here, feel free to send us an email!