We give a damn.

People are more important to us than profits. We do our best to be kind, supportive, and empathetic to everyone that we work with no matter if they are an employee, customer, vendor, or partner.

Here's some of the ways that our team tries to do that:

Respect people's time: Patiently assume they are busy, focused, and that you are not their priority.

Listen and imagine: Truly listen to them and imagine living their life.

Busy is bad: Filling space and time with distractions for the sake of busy-ness is not a permanent solution for finding purpose.

Find purpose: Find purpose by producing high quality work that is important to you, in a focused, distraction-less way.

Life blurs into work: A happy personal life makes for a happier work life. A stressful personal life makes for a more stressful work life.

Big talk: Meaningful conversations with people around you has no down side.

Diversify: Don't just diversify financially. Diversify your life, experiences, friends, work, and hobbies.

Be aware: Be aware of who exactly you are, how people see you, and how you want to be seen.

No is better than yes: It's easier to say no now, and yes later. It's harder to say yes now, and no later.

Sooner is better than later: Focus on what's truly important now instead of piling up a list of todo's for later.

But never is better than now: But also, the positives of right now never outweigh the consequences of right now.

Use anti-impulse: Spend some time, think things through, and write things down when they are important.

Ignore what doesn't matter: But be aware of what matters long term and never spend too much time on what does not matter.

Build habits: Spontaneity can be fun in life, but is not fun at work.

Stay positive: Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.