Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions all of the time about the product, small businesses, the cloud, business management software, and cloud ERP systems. We added some of the most common questions and answers here. If you have any other questions, please reach out and ask us!

Is there a user limit?

No. We do not charge per user. The monthly price is always the same so you can work on improving your business more and dealing with vendors and licenses less.

How much data can we store?

We have a defined limit of 100GB per account. This does not mean we are going to automatically shut off your account if you hit that limit. We routinely review 100GB+ accounts and reach out to the customer to discuss options. 100GB is a lot of storage for small businesses and the majority of our current customers do not reach that limit.

Is Buster an ERP?

Yes. Buster is an ERP, but the acronym doesn't sit well with a lot of people. We like to think about Buster as a new type of ERP. A flexible, cloud based ERP focused on small businesses. Some people call this a suite of business apps or a business management solution. We are happy with you calling it whatever you'd like as long as it makes your life easier.

When will Buster offer more functionality?

We will slowly and cautiously expand our services as our customer base and team expands. But we currently have no priority or plans to move past basic tools for small businesses. We want to be experts in the functions we offer instead of generalists/lacking in hundreds or thousands of business functions like most ERP systems.

Can we have more time to trial the app?

We are a small business just like you. Send us an email and we'll work with you on a longer trial period.

How can we delete our account and data?

You can remove your account at any point from within the application. This can happen before or after your trial has ended.

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