Every single tool I use to run a small technology business

I believe in transparency. A truly successful, long term business has to be built on transparency. At least any business that I start won't work unless that's true. Every once in a while a message lands in my inbox asking how I built something. Typically these are from small business owners very early in the process of building their business, wondering about which tools to use and how much to reasonable spend.

Researching and setting up tools for a small business should never be the number one priority, but it is still important because you can't run on pen, paper, spreadsheets, and a few free mobile apps forever. Getting a few well built cloud-based tools in place can make a big difference.

Even though they are important, tools are not the secret sauce of my business. They are most likely not the factor that makes any business truly successful outside of a few exceptions, so I have no reason to hide what I'm using.

So I wanted to go through and document the top tools I'm using so far to run my small business. This is for all of our people who want to learn more about the foundation of a small business and for any early entrepreneur who this might give insight to. For reference, the entire business has been around for a few years putting out some free to use software and releasing a new ERP SaaS product 5 months ago which is now profitable and my only real focus for the business currently.

Administrative and financial tools

Product tools

Software development tools

Marketing and design tools

All of the social channels that I use are for driving traffic to the main product site for Buster ERP. This includes sites like Quora, Reddit, and StackOverflow where I'll often just answer questions about different topics that I have experience in.

Thanks for reading

Appreciate you reading this. Hope this gives you some insight into all of the different functions that have to be juggled by a small business owner. Feel free to reach out and ask me more questions any time.

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Holden, Founder of Buster Technologies

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