A few big updates to Buster, August 1st, 2019

A quick update on the first few months

Buster is a few months old now and I've been lucky to be able to get a huge amount of feedback from early customers. I wanted to start with something very simple and easy to understand, the antithesis of the current ERP software out in the market now, and it has definitely lit up the light bulb for some business owners.

Getting some vocal customers on the ground floor of a new system has already started to drive the product forward.

We're just getting started.

New updates released

Today we've begun releasing the first big batch of new updates to the system based on the feedback coming in. Read through some of the new features getting added in:

New–14 Day Trial

The application started off with an extremely simple pricing model. You pay $55 a month, unlimited users, full access to features.

This worked great to start, but I've been getting questions about the application from potential customers who cannot just throw the initial $55 towards the app. So, we're adding a 14 day, no credit card required, trial for any business that needs to get a feel for Buster before diving in.

New–Developer API

One of the core pillars of Buster is that we care about both developers and users. This is what we call being a Developer First company. A lot of companies out there talk about how easy it is to integrate with their systems or tools, but then they are lacking good documentation, flexible integration points, etc.

Everything that we build, we think about how it's going to affect the end user logging into the application every day, as well as the developer who has to work with integrations.

As part of this, we are releasing a REST API and full documentation for Buster. The API will be released slowly over the next few weeks.

New–Sandbox Mode

I've worked with a lot of software, and most of the time especially in the ERP world companies end up managing multiple "instances" of their application. They have to tell employees to go to an entirely different URL or website to see the sandbox/playground/test data.

We wanted to make that simpler, so all users have the ability to switch to sandbox mode from the top of their screens.

This switches over all of your data and shows you test data only. Then you're free to play around and test anything out without affecting your live, production data.

New–Predictive Sales Forecasting

The Buster team has implemented the foundation for building smarter software. We are careful using phrases like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning because they are so often over or misused, but we've provided a way for our engineering team to easily add features that lets the system work for you.

The first place we started was with sales forecasting. Buster will provide an educated estimation of future sales based on past sales, within a range of confidence. Providing this sort of forecasting is hugely important for businesses to plan and prepare, taking into account past seasonality.

We've already been able to work with one customer to take 2-3 years worth of orders and determine that they are most likely going to experience a slight downturn in sales at the end of summer based on past data, and we're beginning to see that trend come live now.

Finally, we've begun the process of developing the foundation for manufacturing shops. Buster is by no means a fully fledged manufacturing system, but we are working with customers who are beginning to use Buster for simple product and bill of material management.

We will continue to move towards developing a flexible MES (manufacturing engineering system), bill of material management system, and MRP (material and resource planning) system, for small to medium sized manufacturers.

And more to come...

The Buster team is building and improving the system every single day, working closely with our customers. We will keep you updated on what new features are going to be released after this.

If you have suggestions or questions, I'm happy to chat. Please email me at holden@bustererp.com.

Thanks for reading.

Holden–Founder, Buster Technologies

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