1 post generated thousands in sales

Marketing is not my strong suit.

It's probably not even in the top 5.

I grew up building things. Whether it was working with my parents on their house, tinkering around with old cars in the garage, or making websites. I never spent much time focusing on getting the word out about what I was doing, and definitely wasn't trying to make a sale. Even today, I mostly just keep my head down and build things.

So when starting up this new business, I knew there was going to be a steep learning curve. I started to research as much as I could. I watched videos from the top marketers, got through a few books quickly, and really just started experimenting.

In the beginning there was no budget or cash for paid marketing. I wasn't able to spend hundreds or thousands each week to promote posts on social. I just started writing my own articles and posts about things I have experience with. Then I'd post them in different places. The Medium account was one of the earlier ones where articles were shared about things I knew about. Mainly technology. Then I ended up posting on Twitter and LinkedIn more, before eventually starting up this blog.

I started to get (more) of a feel for what my followers wanted to see and read about.

But I didn't expect such a huge reaction over 1 post.

Here's some backstory

Silicon Valley culture has always bothered me. I even worked in the valley for a few months when I was in college, and I couldn't always connect. The individuals were awesome, but collectively I couldn't see past some of the issues. Along with that Silicon Valley culture came some different followings. One of the biggest is the #hustle movement.

#hustle is what some business owner post to make themselves feel better about working 16+ hour days, or brag about working 16+ hour days because they think it's the only route to success. A lot of people do. At some point, a group of people collectively agreed that the only way to run a million dollar business is to completely throw away your personal life. I've talked about this before in this post.

Naturally I follow some of these people. I even still admire quite a few #hustlers, even though we have different opinions.

So what was the post?

One of those influencers threw out a post recently that I just had to respond to. I shared it on LinkedIn, wrote up a few sentences about what I disagreed with, and then went on with my life.

The next morning there were 50k+ views on it. That's a big deal for me, considering that I don't have a huge following. A few more days passed and it went up to 150k+ views and ultimately started to plateau off around 350k views.

Now, views do not equate to sales. But this happened to convert. One random little post that I happened to throw out there on a whim converted thousands in sales for my small business. It drove traffic from LinkedIn primarily to either my profile or Medium account, and then to my products landing page.

Moral of the story.

Keep trying. Keep experimenting. Don't plan too much. Just keep things simple, be your honest self, put your opinions out there, gather results, and repeat until something works. You never know which content you push out there is going to come back your way, in a big way.

It could just take a single post or blog article to get your name out there.

Best of luck small business owners.

Thanks for reading

Appreciate you reading this.

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Holden, Founder of Buster Technologies

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