We are Buster.

Buster Technologies was founded in 2016 headquartered out of St. Louis, MO. Today we're a small team of dedicated product creators building a cloud ERP targeted at small businesses.

The people working on Buster are dedicated to helping small businesses through technology. We are also focused on doing it in a sustainable way. No mandatory overtime, sleeping at your desk, working on weekends, answering your phone on vacation, or anything that takes time away from your personal life.

The team here is trying to bring a fresh, modern approach to ERP and tools for small businesses.

A few years young

We are a young company but an experienced group of software veterans who wanted to make a change in the world of ERP.

The team has spent the last few years creating a simple product focused on strictly small businesses who could not afford expensive ERP systems out there today.

Since the day that we started, we have been very lucky to work with some wonderful people and business owners.

Slow and steady

The startup is king in the modern world. You cannot escape the "dorm room to unicorn" story these days.

That's not important to us.

Our business and team is more worried about community, support, making a decent living, being empathetic, kindness, and doing the right thing. This means that we have no motivation to move into bigger offices, hire as many employees as possible, spend more money on useless thing, or chase dollars.

Our focus on small business

ERP has a long history evolving out of the early MRP days in the 1960s and 70s. The technology has changed since then but the general attitude of the software vendors has remained pretty static. That's the reason why ERP leaves a bad taste in the mouth of so many people.

The big vendors like to use pricing methods like charging per seat and hourly support, maintenance, implementation, etc. So it's a pretty simple formula for them. The more employees, the more money. This really screws small businesses who just need a great system for 5-100 employees.

So we created a simple ERP product in the cloud focused on small businesses. Since we have the attitude of moving slow and steady, we never plan on becoming a silicon valley unicorn. We are happy to make a decent living while supported our employees, our customers, and our vendors. This attitude let's us do the right thing and bring value to small businesses in the US.

Simple beats complex

Einstein said that "everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" and we've taken that to heart at Buster. Since we have the privilege of focusing on small business, we don't worry about the convoluted use cases and extreme complexity that huge businesses in the world create for themselves.

As a small business owner you shouldn't have to use ERP that's not built for you anyway.

We care more

We do everything we can to care about who we work with. That means all employees, partners, customers, or vendors that interact with us.

What allows us to care is to have a solid business foundation. We believe that many of the cruel things that happen in the business world happen out of fear. Businesses are trying to survive and doing everything they care despite the effects it has on the people around them. From day 1, we've never taken investment and never will. We do not spend more than we earn, hire more employees than we need, or rent more space than we need. We are here to stick around.

Swimming upstream

The idea of the company came from working so much with the existing, overly complicated businesses software that's already out there.

The biggest problem that we saw was how small businesses were treated by software vendors. They were stepped on so that the vendor could move on to bigger, higher paying clients. So we wanted to start giving a damn about small businesses and building affordable tools for them to compete.

Since then we've been very lucky to start working with business all around the United States and implementing our software product for them. We are going against the monolithic vendors out there today and we are standing up for small businesses.

We're here to listen

We are happy to answer questions or hear comments. Send us an email at holden@bustererp.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The team also spends time writing up our thoughts about business and software on our company blog.

Give us a follow on Twitter or LinkedIn and drop us a comment there if that's easier.

We hope that we've given you a good idea about who we are and hope to work with you soon. Thanks for reading.